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Products and Compensation

IPA Family offers a wide array of personal, professional, and health insurance related products and services to small businesses. We are passionate about providing our team members with nothing but the very best in training programs, lead programs, business infrastructure systems, technology platforms and more.

Sales Careers and Training

It is our intent and we firmly believe that we offer IPA Family members all of the proper resources and tools that they require so more than 80 percent of their time can be focused on serving their marketplaces over positioning them with non-performance activities. It is what we truly believe sets us apart.

Testimonials from Sales Team

For anyone that is wanting to become a member of the IPA Family sales team, we highly encourage you to take a moment to visit our testimonials section. Here you will be able to watch a collection of video testimonials from our sales managers and sales associates. They share their experiences and explain why IPA Family is a step above the rest.

Who We Are

(IPA), or what we refer to as "The IPA Family," is a nationwide sales and marketing organization headquartered in Tampa, Florida.IPA is a member company of The IHC Group, a publicly traded insurance organization (NYSE:IHC), that has been providing health, life and stop-loss insurance for over 30 years.

What We Do

The approach to what we do for our contracted IPA Family associates, as well as the marketplaces they serve can be summed up in one word - relationships. We steadfastly believe that relational sales are; (1) something you do for someone, not to someone (2) are a process, not an event (3) can create long-term customer retention.

Who We Serve

Our core belief is that you build better business by building better people. This is one of our guiding principles in our service and support to all of our IPA Family members. We genuinely believe each IPA Family associate and their families are without hesitation - our primary customers.