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As a new agent in the IPA family, I can honestly say that I feel comfortable…

As a new agent in the IPA family, I can honestly say that I feel comfortable, welcomed, and at home within the organization. From day one, Jenny Heafey and the remarkable team of agents and leaders have been there for me to help with my questions, concerns, and reservations. IPA truly does embody the family atmosphere; this isn't just someplace to go and collect a paycheck. One of my biggest concerns about becoming an independent contracted agent with IPA is that once I got my foot in the door, I'd be on my own and left to my own devices to learn how the system works. I was astonished to see the Arizona COE leaders alongside me to help me while I learn the ropes. IPA gives each agent the training and tools he or she needs to be successful, along with a great team of leaders to help you utilize those tools until you can master them on your own. I'd like to thank Jenny Heafey for providing me with the opportunity to join and grow with the IPA organization, and for believing that I could actually do this job. Jenny's level of integrity and moral character are unlike any I've ever seen; she's truly a class act. I'd also like to thank Paige Mattice for her willingness to teach me the nuts and bolts of this job, and for her patience with me while I learn; I don't think I could have asked for a better mentor. Finally, a heartfelt thank you to every other member of the Arizona COE for his or her spirit of encouragement and willingness to help out a rookie like me. You guys rock. Mike Nelson Account Executive Independent Producers of America, LLC

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