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What We Do

The approach to what we do for our contracted IPA Family associates, as well as the marketplaces they serve can be summed up in one single word - relationships! We steadfastly believe that;
  • Relational sales are something you do for someone, not to someone.
  • Relational sales are a process, not an event.
  • Relational sales can create long-term customer retention.
This business attitude is so important when building the win-win relationships that create great outcomes when coupled with the specific products, services, and solutions that we have to offer individuals and families. Serving others just like ourselves is what we have in common with our customers. But what connects us with customers are the resources all IPA Family contractors receive to help their businesses. As part of IPA’s commitment, business lead sources are provided to IPA Family members at no charge. This gives associates a starting place to build their business serving others. And lead generation is just one example of how The IPA Family supports its associates so they can be in business for themselves but not by themselves. We consider the IPA Family career opportunity to be more than just a “job.” We believe IPA can provide the right individuals the opportunity to earn significant wealth while being a wealth of significance serving other small business owners. Of the wide array of personal, professional, and health insurance related products and services that we take great pride in offering the marketplace, the highest ongoing demand from the American public is:
  1. Access to individualized health insurance solutions;
  2. Tailor made products that fit both the individual and their family’s needs; and
  3. Health insurance that meets their budget
We have been reforming family health insurance needs for decades, whether it may be for increased coverage, decreased cost, or both - our customers can build a specific plan solution with a licensed IPA Family associate that is the right solution for them. Regardless of what individual health insurance solution someone invests in for their family, there is a common theme that we like to take great pride in - we like to ensure that every solution provides peace of mind, that if an unforeseen event of catastrophic accident or illness occurs, their American dream of owning their business, home or both is not jeopardized due to financial loss or possible medical bankruptcy. We believe that is true significance! If your are intrigued by the significance of the IPA Family career opportunity and are a self-motivated, character driven, integrity based individual, then we would strongly encourage you to learn more about the IPA Family on our site under the “IPA Careers” section. You can then visit personally with one of our local leaders to determine if there may be mutual benefit in our opportunity for you and your family, as well as ours!