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Who We Serve

Our core belief is that you build better business by building better people! This is one of our guiding principles in our service and support to all of our IPA Family members. We genuinely believe each IPA Family associate and their families are without hesitation - our primary customers! While this unique stance may be viewed by some as “overly utopian” in approach and style, it is the sincere path and high road culture that we travel on every single day with every single person. This heartfelt formula is very intentional. We know through decades of serving others that when we pour consistent care, authentic concern and attention to well being and needs into our IPA Family associates, they in turn transfer those respected thoughts, beliefs and processes into the marketplace customers they interact with who are their primary customer every single day. When this is conducted in a predictable and consistent manner it creates the first class, top notch, relational approach to the marketplace the IPA Family is known for and very proud of. For anyone that is considering the IPA Family career opportunity, it is extremely important to note - every single individual in the IPA Family, from its newest associate to the highest levels of IPA leadership - started their journey at the very same place - in the marketplace each day, working face to face, handshake to handshake, creating specific health insurance solutions for families and individuals who are just like us. This rewards everyone involved with literally hundreds and hundreds of years of “real” in the field experience in both understanding what our teammates want and need. Our commitment to this one fact is what drives our decision making processes and strategic growth for the entire IPA Family team in its relational approach. We don’t “talk the walk.” We’ve “walked the walk,” and understand clearly that perspective and view. We are very dedicated and faithful to our organic leadership and marketplace growth. This is the approach that ensures that our core principals, beliefs and culture stay firmly intact as we continue to grow and expand across the country. We are passionate about providing our IPA Family team members with nothing but the very best in our training programs, our lead programs, business infrastructure systems, technology platforms, leadership development programs, marketing strategies, and all the products and services that allow them to be at their very best and productive in the marketplace serving others. We provide all the back office support and services that allow them the flexibility and freedom to grow their business without starting it from scratch. If your are intrigued by the significance of the IPA Family career opportunity and are a self-motivated, character driven, integrity based individual, then we would strongly encourage you to learn more about the IPA Family on our site under the “IPA Careers” section. You can then visit personally with one of our local leaders to determine if there may be mutual benefit in our opportunity for you and your family, as well as ours!