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Company Overview

Welcome to The IPA Family!

It is our honor and privilege to applaud you for your interest in The IPA Family career opportunity and all that it has to offer qualified individual and their families. IPA is a wholly own subsidiary and member company of The IHC Group. The IHC Group is a dynamic and innovative, organization providing health, life, dental, vision, and medical stop loss insurance solutions for nearly 30 years to more than one million individuals and groups across America. The IHC Group, with currently over 1.3 billion in assets is comprised of member organizations including the Independence Holding Company, publically traded on the New York Stock exchange under the symbol of “IHC” and the American Independence Corp, publically traded on NASDAQ under the symbol of “AMIC.” In addition, The IHC Group also includes: Each insurance carrier in The IHC Group has a financial strength rating of “A-“(Excellent) from the A.M. Best Company, Inc. So how does that information translate to the career decision that you and your family are evaluating regarding the possibility of becoming a part of The IPA Family opportunity, and the mutual benefits that it can provide? Simply stated, we believe it clearly validates the strength, vision and stability that our organizations can provide you and your family as you transform your career from where you are today, to where you want to go to tomorrow! We believe our opportunity is one that can be not only life changing for you, but also provide you the ability to earn significant wealth while being a wealth significance, serving others! We proudly view earning significant wealth as the results of our efforts together and by being a wealth of significance as the reasons for our efforts together! At The IPA Family you will find that we provide a vast array of support and services to assist you and your performance growth. Beginning with our comprehensive online and field training processes, our innovative lead generation systems, our multiple business technology platforms, to our escalating leadership opportunities, we pride ourselves on a performance based environment that allows you and your family to go as far and as high as you choose! We are extremely excited about the future of our industry, the dedication and direction of our organizations, and most importantly, the potential to serve you and your family during these very exciting times!