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Earnings and Equity

IPA is an industry leader and very proud of its outstanding performance based compensation programs that can not only provide the immediate income someone desires today but also potentially provide the financial wealth and stability they would like to build for the future for themselves and their families. Along with providing the freedom of one’s time and autonomy, the IPA Family feels it is vitally important to provide a compensation platform where there are absolutely no limits to the financial independence and freedom that one can experience when they have the remarkable courage to put their futures in their own hands, instead giving their futures to someone else. Not everyone is capable of “working for and reporting to” themselves so, we are very committed to our team members, making sure their dreams of financial freedom and independence can come true. Our IPA Family members, through their performance in the marketplace, are equitably reward by the IPA Family with;
  • Weekly Advance Compensation- the income you desire today!
  • Monthly PACE Bonus Compensation- this income is based upon your continued performance in growing your client base.
  • Residual Compensation- this provides you with the peace of mind that you are building a future compensation income stream that is reflective of both the quantity and quality of your performance efforts including the opportunity for lifetime vesting.
  • Stock Ownership- IPA makes available an IHC stock ownership wealth plan that provides you and your family with “dollar for dollar” matching, with no monthly or annual limits on someone’s contributions or the amounts that the IPA Family will match. This also includes the opportunity for full vesting.
The advantages of our performance based compensation programs are enormous but they also require a high level of personal responsibility and accountability on ones part. We don’t provide wake up calls and we won’t micro manage someone’s daily activity. We will, however, serve them to the highest levels! There is always direct correlation between our top performers in the marketplace and the top income earners in The IPA Family. That connection is a direct reflection of how many marketplace appointments an IPA Family member takes part in each week. Simply stated, the more appointments you can be present at, the more individuals and families you can potentially serve, which translates to the levels of income and wealth that you can expect from your efforts.