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Education and Training

From the very moment that someone becomes an official member of The IPA Family we immediately ignite their individual education and training initiatives. Whether it is the vast internal A-Z knowledge they will receive or guidance through any external state certification procedures that may be required, the newest IPA Family member will have the leadership mentoring and personal assistance to make their educational journey a very enjoyable experience. The education and training experience begins with immediate access to our self-pace, web based IPA Wisdom Library that will guide an individual through a training series entitled R.E.A.C.H. This comprehensive program represents the necessary knowledge items relating to;
  • Relations- this area covers all of the company entities that someone represents, and the requirements for doing so.
  • Education- this area is extremely immense in all of the product offerings, business processes and general global knowledge to perform in the marketplace.
  • Activity- this area is vast in our lead programs, marketing strategies, appointment inventories, time management, and much more that equips the new IPA Family members will the tools to excel and grow their performance.
  • Compensation- this area is very detailed and specific as to how our IPA Family members earn income for today while building wealth for themselves and their family’s future.
  • Honors- this area covers all of the fun things that the IPA Family does to recognize and reward the performance of our teammates, including their spouses and families.
In addition to the self-pace, web based content we also provide ongoing classroom training, in the field training, and continuing training through weekly webinars and webcast. Likewise, we are very proud of our long-standing strategic business partnership with the Ziglar Company. Founded by the renowned Zig Ziglar, the Ziglar Company has been providing legendary motivation and performance training since 1970. The IPA Family tenaciously aligns with their belief that “you can have everything in life you want if you will help enough other people get what they want.” We believe real significance begins when those very words are put into action, and The IPA Family does just that! When someone is qualified and becomes a part of our IPA Family, the very next business day they are sent from IPA a co-branded, downloadable gifted copy of the famed Ziglar personal development program, “Strategies for Success: Blueprint for Achievement.” This program retails for $300 but is provided to our IPA Family members at no cost as a consistent reflection of our belief that you build better businesses by building better people. This is just a small way of us saying, “Welcome to The IPA Family!”