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Rewards and Recognition

The IPA Family has a true zeal and contagious enthusiasm for the recognition and performance rewards that it provides to its IPA Family members and their families. Hard work, dedication, and true performance are the cornerstones for what drives all of our recognition programs, contests and exotic trips. We believe that constant appreciation and consistent gratitude are very important fuel to the ongoing growth and organic expansion of our overall organization. Various items that we make available to reward and acknowledge our IPA Family members are:
  • Weekly contest and incentives.
  • Our weekly IPA Family performance newsletter.
  • A weekly “top performance” reward.
  • Exotic trips that include spouses…and even your children if you so choose.
Some of our recent destinations consist of:
  • IHC holiday celebration in New York City!
  • Caribbean cruise!
  • Scottsdale, Arizona!
  • Canada cruise!
  • Tahiti cruise!
  • Pelican Hills Resort!
  • Costa Rica!
The IPA Family works very hard and we love to play very hard and enjoy ourselves as well! Additionally, we are very proud of our newest recognition program called the IPA EAGLES. The IPA EAGLES epitomizes Extraordinary Agents Growing Leadership Excellence in Sales! This one of a kind performance and appreciation program recognizes not only the personal achievements of our IPA Family members but those that are team leaders in the IPA Family as well. Once someone has gained entry into this elite sales leader’s community, they not only have the opportunity to be rewarded for their personal performance efforts but also by serving others that they may “take under their wing” and mentor those individuals into personal success as well as professional significance. For each milestone of accomplishment that they exceed in the EAGLES program, they receive a customized lapel pin notating their current level of growth. The IPA EAGLES program was developed with the simple concept of “flying it forward” in service to our fellow IPA Family members. We have all heard the old adage that 20 percent of the people create 80 percent of the results. Well, it is our committed pledge that through our continued growth and focus on serving others through the IPA EAGLES program that over time, 80 percent of our IPA Family members will be the equivalent to many others organizations’ 20 percent status quo……….that’s significant!