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Steps to Success

The IPA Family currently consists of nine Centers of Excellence nationwide that are strategically placed to serve the current local, state and surrounding locations that we are currently marketing. These centers are lead by first class, top notch Area Performance Leaders that, along with their leadership teams, have “walked the walk” and understand firsthand what it requires for someone looking at the IPA Family career opportunity to move from a place of survival, to stability, to success, and ultimately to significance! Meet and make contact with our Centers of Excellence leaders;
  • Atlanta Center of Excellence- Russell Winn
  • Chicago Center of Excellence- Roxanne Huggins
  • Dallas Center of Excellence- Dan Deneui
  • Denver Center of Excellence- Bruce Tripp
  • Heartlands Center of Excellence- Roxanne Huggins
  • Orlando Center of Excellence- Jeff Hill
  • Phoenix Center of Excellence- Jennifer Heafey
  • Raleigh Center of Excellence- Edwin Britt
  • Tampa Center of Excellence- Mark Burns
While we fully intend to open many more Centers of Excellence across the country in many markets, we are fully committed to facilitating new opportunities with only the right type of people at the right period of time. These centers are our cultural connection that can provide you and your family with all of the specific details of the IPA Family opportunity and what it stands for. If you have a genuine interest in the IPA Family career opportunity and feel like you may qualify for our team and all that it stands for, we would be very receptive to visiting with you further to determine if there is the potential for mutual benefit for both you and your family as well as ours. Please fill out all of the appropriate information below including your resume and we will promptly be back in touch with you.