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I Didn’t get the Memo……

In this post, we are going to discuss taking personal responsibility for keeping up to date on information that relates to your small business and the market in which you do business. One of the most common things we will hear, when it comes to information or lack thereof is, "I was never told that." or "I must not have been here when they put that memo out." All either of these phrases are, is a shift of responsibility from one person to someone else for their lack of understanding or just not knowing. In today's business climate, information is moving at a rate never seen before. The many mediums used to communicate information back and forth has grown ten-fold in recent years. It is falling more and more on us to make sure we are up to date and absolutely current with the knowledge we need, to help us provide the product or service we have to our clients. Taking ultimate responsibility for receiving information is the key to our own successes. It has become unacceptable to depend on someone else to notify us about market changes and product advancement in our given fields. Performing your own research is beneficial in many ways but, clearly the most beneficial, no longer depending on someone else to keep you in the loop. Gone are the days that your lack of information is easily pushed aside by shifting the focus to another. Some of us may ask, "Is it possible to stay completely caught up, if industry changes are coming at us so quickly?" We say, yes it is. When is the last time you met with a client and answering one of their questions with, "I don't know." helped you close a sale? When did your lack of knowledge last help you land that new account. In both of these examples, the problem could easily be rectified. Do your research and just when you think you are as informed as you can possibly be, do more research. Allow yourself the time in your day to gather information about your field. Take the task seriously, as it could land you that next big client. It could also be the one thing that will make a client go elsewhere to obtain the solution they have been looking for. " Knowledge is power", is a term we have all heard and probably used at least once in our own careers. It is however more true today than ever before. No one is going to be able to hand all the useful information to you. Technology has come so far that being able gather and verify information can happen from anywhere and at anytime. Take the responsibility personally, strip away the urge to use excuses, and give yourself the drive to make sure you are up to date on the facts. Please feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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