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Letter of gratitude from Lets Grow Up! leaders conference

Just a quick note of sincere gratitude for everyone who participated in our Let's Grow Up! Leaders conference. Leaders, as well as spouses were in attendance to share the IPA Family message.  I want to share a letter I received from a spouse: Dear Dave; Thank you (and IPA) so much for the fabulous getaway that was recently provided to Jacqueline and myself, not to mention the truly amazing and generous Home Depot gift card.  Not only was it wonderful to be invited to participate in the event (including the meetings), but as a spouse it was even more rewarding to witness first hand the first class, supportive and family oriented nature of IPA.  It has been said that a company takes on the demeanor and attributes of those who run it.  That is certainly true of IPA as the honesty, integrity, compassion, drive and thoughtfulness of yourself, the rest of the IPA executive team and your spouses certainly shines through.  I truly feel blessed to be a part of the IPA team and truly appreciate your generosity and thoughtfulness. With Warmest Regards, Jake Schroeder P.S.  my honey-do list is getting shorter, thanks to you!   Thank you Jake for those kind words of appreciation. It was both great and clear, what a true committed focus is to serving a sales force customer and what it truly takes to make sure you are serving them and their families through a great public company organization such as IPA and IHC!        

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