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Life Lessons From Small Business

Over the years, everyone matures and learns from their mistakes and triumphs. In all of these cases, the lessons learned are put into use in all aspects of our lives. So that started me thinking, what is it that we can take from our business experience that applies to our personal lives? I came up with a few lessons that would translate directly from business to personal life, even if a couple may take some imagination. So with that being said, let's get to the meat of the matter. 1. A great weakness can become a great asset with hard work. Let's be honest, most of us will shy away from something if we know it's not exactly our forte. Actually, most of us will run for the hills. That's OK to be honest but, if we wish to grow and mature we must attack these things. Put in the work needed to improve and re-develop our skills. Even though we may never actually get a whole lot better in our weakest areas, it's the attitude and mentality we develop that becomes the asset. The training ourselves not to shrink away but, move forward regardless, is what we take away. If that's not a great asset in business and life then I truly don't know what is. 2. We define our own success. Comparison must be hard-wired into us as human beings. After all, we do it from very young ages. Distinguishing ourselves from other around us, helps us define our own identities. There is one problem with this, as we grow the comparison factor can eat us alive. As we mature, most of us will tend to reject it and strive to "do our own thing". This is the point entirely, whether it's business or personal life, we set our own goals, we make our own choices, we accept our own accountability. It's very simple, it truly doesn't matter what everyone else is doing if we are comfortable in our own circumstance. My definition of success, enjoying the life I am living. That's the point right? 3. All about substance. In our lives there are times when frustration can mount. Watching the new start up company hit a homerun seemingly overnight as we work hard for everything. Sometimes it's about luck, sometimes it's about amazing talent. Don't waste energy analyzing the why. Learn from the good things they do and don't worry about anything else. It's only possible to become an expert in your field if you put in the necessary work. Develop and treat your field like an art form. That's where the substance comes from. Understanding and knowledge come through experience, and that takes.......time. 4. If you don't evolve you go backwards. The goal is to grow. The goal is to keep moving forward. Whether it's business or personal, the ability to evolve and adapt is a key factor. Nothing in the natural world stands still. It's born, it grows, it withers, it dies. It's a cycle that we all are apart of. We are not serving anyone or ourselves by not attempting to move forward, by staying stuck. Don't fear what you don't know, treat them as the opportunity to learn something new. After all, nothing stands still. 5. Choice is a business and personal asset. We all know the power of positive thinking. We have all heard someone use "Power of Choice". This goes beyond a corny slogan or tagline. It's simple. Believe in your ability, believe in your power to affect the outcome. Nothing is ever completely out of your hands, remember you have the ability to choose. You can choose to participate or not. In business and life, if it doesn't feel right then choose. If it appears to be risky, then choose. Nothing is more powerful than your ability to choose. Nothing. Please let us now if you have any lessons you have learned that translate between your business and personal lives. We would enjoy hearing from you.

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