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Rely On Your Ability……..

Rely on your ability......... Seems pretty straight forward and yet, there are many of us, that will wonder exactly how it translates to our daily business lives. It's very simple. Understand your where you excel and utilize your strength. For instance, if you are an overachiever with numbers, make this a part of other tasks you have to perform. If you have to give a sales presentation, focus a portion of the presentation on "numbers". Your comfort will show through from start to finish and the client will also be more comfortable. Approach every aspect of your business possible with your strengths in mind. If your confidence is high, your results will usually reflect this. Being out of your comfort zone from time to time is unavoidable but, if you change the way you work toward your solutions your ease of operation can increase greatly. Now of course, this doesn't mean that we should only participate in the tasking we deem to be strengths. It just means, if you recognize that your abilities are stronger in one area than another, learn how to incorporate the two. This is possible, and for increased successes it has to be. Tailor your approach to showcase where you are the strongest. If your comfort level is at it's highest possible levels, all areas of your performance are affected. Your attitude toward a task is at it's best when you feel good about how you will accomplish your goal. Your problem solving skills are optimized when anxiety and nervousness are decreased. Every aspect of your business life will benefit, every aspect of your personal life will benefit. Rely on your ability, rely on what got you to this point. Just because you may seem to be out of your element doesn't mean you can't rein things in and take your performance to a new level. Remember how you got here and utilize it to increase your success.

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