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Strive for Excellence

In most everyone's professional lives, we have come across this phrase or slogan at least once if not a thousand times. It's common place in many companies Mission Statement, it's common with motivational speaking, it's basically, nearly everywhere. The point to this blog is to explore what this actually means and how it applies to small business and small business leadership. 1. Excellence is a state of mind. Excellence is not something you can just decide to ask for. It's not something that just appears with little or no effort. Excellence has to be a part of your culture, your nature. How is this possible? You have to asses your thinking and determine if excellence is your priority or if it's not. If it is not, you have to modify your approach and challenge yourself. Make excellence your mindset. 2. Excellence isn't something you preach. Everyone has heard the term, practice what you preach. Everyone has heard, talk the talk or walk the walk.  When it comes to the strive for excellence, this has never been more true. You can't possibly expect more than your are willing to give. Even with the most eloquent of words, it means absolutley nothing if you do not hold yourself to the same standard or expectation of excellence. 3. Excellence is 24/7. Truly striving to achieve excellence is a constant and neverending ideal. There is no such thing as, normally that's not ok but, we will let that go this once. This creates a window, a leak that will disrupt and sometimes cannibalize your goal. If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right. ALL THE TIME!!!! Those small moments that we think don't matter or can't possibly hurt us are the most imperative in your strive for excellence. Those moments are the real moments that matter. If you waiver in those moments, you're mindset isn't set on excellence at all. You have to take a moment and count on your instincts, make sure that your decision is reflective of your goal. Striving to maintain a standard of excellence has never been described as easy by anyone that truly is working towards it. It takes constant dedication and a will to be something many in the business world can't be. Frankly, a will to be something that many in the current business world, wouldn't even attempt to be.

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