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The best review of IPA comes from our own family. Watch the video and read below what some of our family has to share.

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That’s an amazing feeling, to be able to protect others.

Jenny Heafey

We work with a variety of different people … and that’s the most rewarding thing.

Mark Burns

IPA is a wonderful company to work with.

Jim Philo

What I like most about IPA is the leadership.

Sarah Martin

It’s hard. It really is… The people who are really going to do well are the people who hold themselves accountable.

Kyle Davis

We're self employed small business owners providing individual health insurance for fellow self employed small business owners, their families and their friends.

Edwin Britt

The reason that I like working with IPA is the opportunity that you can have.

Jeannette Leon

I'm building my future. I'm building my retirement plan. I'm going to be able to live off of my residuals.

Paige Mattice

You have to be a person of integrity.

Wayne Jones

What I love most is meeting people and getting to help them with their business benefits and health insurance needs.

Sandy Carpenter

Get access to affordable health insurance, disability, life, dental and many other business benefits that can save a business money over time.

Jeff Hill

On Jun 1st of 2010 my family's life changed. That is the day I have decided to come and work with IPA. I have been in the industry at that time for almost 7 years. In a very short time with IPA, I new I was home. In the past to years the support I have had from my leaders and my team has just been amazing. Here is how it all started. Just three months after I joined IPA I had a been diagnosed with stage four prostate cancer. I was so worried when I had to go to my leaders and tell them what was going on. I just did not know what to do or what they were going to say. Well after sitting with my leaders and listening to how they were reacting, I was amazed and new I was home. They have been so supportive over the past year and a half, through surgery and treatment. The great people of this company made sure my career had not skipped a beat. Through all of this, my great team helped me have the #1 team in the nation for 2011. I knew if I was with another company there is no way I would have been so secure in my future. When time got rough for me and my family, the great people of IPA stood around us and made sure we were OK. I am so thankful for all that this great company has done for me and my family. God bless IPA and all who are part of it.... I Love You All...

Jamie Warman

Before I knew IPA, I was not a confident public speaker. Before I knew IPA, I didn't believe I could make my dreams happen by just saying them out loud. Now that I know IPA, I not only have a handle on my own dreams, but I can show my family and friends how to handle theirs. Thank you all for helping me reach this point. I appreciate all of you!

Lonzie Lee Mathis

Hi Dave, I just wanted you to know how lovely last night's dinner event turned out. Not only was the food delicious as usual, but the interaction of the group and the thoughts shared were awesome. Thank you so much for bringing us together so that we can know more about each other away from the office setting.

Sarah Martin