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The Most Valued Leadership Quality

If you could build the perfect business leader, what would be the quality you put the most emphasis on? Would it be motivation skills? Or maybe, ability to communicate with others? Well, truth be told, the most sought after quality in a leader should almost always come down to strategy execution. Being able to develop and execute business strategy should be the most important. If a leader is proficient in this area, they are most certainly going to be strong across the board in nearly all of the qualities needed. Companies value leaders who can achieve results through others. The ability to place the team in the best position to meet and achieve goals is key. This requires an understanding of strength and appropriate placement techniques. In tough economic times, such as these, employees desire more communication and clarity centered around achievement of goals. They want to see their leaders and know they are being lead by example and not just directed and left to fend for themselves. It is key, for a companies workforce to know that their leadership is just a dedicated and willing to sacrifice, as they are asked to be. It is up to leaders within the workforce to provide the clarity but, not just through their words. Action is everything.   Quality leaders make it a focus to encourage internal development. This is huge factor in the execution of strategy. Recognizing the talents and utilizing your workforce to make the execution of strategy easier and more seamless will increase morale. Boost the accountability within your team, through more involvement in the initial phases. After all, every quality leader knows, the fastest way to increase productivity is to listen to those in your team that are the "producers". A leader that excels in strategy execution understands and believes in this process and will go back to this well, time and time again. Bottom line is everyone wants someone who can get the job done. It's those that can take a plan and accomplish the goal in the most efficient manner, in good and bad times, that will be regarded as true leaders in small business.

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